In November 2015 I moved my studio again, and I’m super excited and in love with my new space.  I’ve got two rooms in a professional building downtown, at 900 N Last Chance Gulch.  The top two floors are Crowley Fleck, the main level is State Farm, Quinn Erwin Dental, and Helena Orthodontics, and I’m downstairs.  I have a large camera room with multiple sets for studio portraits and a viewing room/office as well.  My new location is convenient and easy to find, with plenty of parking.

My private studio entrance is on the North side of my building near the State Farm office. There is a small parking lot between our building and the Wipfli building next door (see image below for picture of my main entrance). You may use this small parking lot, the larger lot behind or below my building, or the off street parking, and from this door you come down the stairs. If you need to use an elevator, you may enter through any of the other doors in the building and the elevator is located near Quinn Erwin Dental in the northwest corner of the building.

See the “contact” page for a map and directions to the studio.

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