September 13, 2015

You know that saying about pregnant mommies having “the glow”???  Well I never believed it, especially after having two kids myself (you know, gaining 50 pounds, not sleeping for months on end, heartburn, etc).  But Chelsey?  She GLOWS.  She is radiant.  She is also one of those women we all hate because she is this tall, thin woman with a cute little basketball belly and not an ounce of fat anywhere.  It’s just NOT RIGHT.  But I’ll admit I couldn’t hate her.  Because she’s not only adorable but she’s NICE, too.  And so is her husband.  I’m certain she will be in labor for exactly 12 minutes, out will come this adorable baby who will start sleeping through the night on his first day of life, and Chelsey will leave the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans.  But I STILL won’t hate her 🙂  Thank you Nick and Chelsey for trusting me to capture this special time for you.  See you in a few weeks for your newborn session.

© Andrea Jones Photography

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