January 22, 2014

I first photographed Kate and her beautiful girls many years ago, and now I now I have the pleasure of working with this talented and amazing woman on her new endeavor, The Confident Stitch.  Here is an excerpt from Kate’s blog:

“The Confident Stitch is a gathering spot for anyone who delights in the fine details, and major triumphs, of handcrafted garments.

We believe life is too short, and too lovely, not to wear clothing that embraces your figure and expresses your individuality – we want every woman to share in the confidence that comes from a garment that fits perfectly. This blog explores the simple pleasures of combining fabrics that make your heart sing, with custom-made patterns that curve with your body. We also provide the resources you need to transform your great sewing idea into your next favorite outfit, confident that each stitch is bringing you closer to a perfect combination of form and function.”

Visit her website at www.theconfidentstitch.com for more information.

Here are some images featuring her beautiful, custom garments.




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