April 22, 2013

I’m so glad you stopped by my blogsite!  Short history…I opened Andrea Jones Photography almost ten years ago.  After a couple of years working out of my home, I opened my first studio in downtown Helena, MT.  I was there for three years and LOVED every moment of it.  When my lease was up, I was planning to move to a much bigger space to accommodate my growing business.  But at that same time, I found out we were expecting another baby.  I made the choice to stay home with my kids and work very part-time and on-location.  Because Andrea Jones Photography was an established, high end studio with a focus on studio portaits, customer service and quality prints and canvases, I didn’t want to jeopardize the reputation of my business by offering a lesser quality product.  However, I knew that as a full time mom, I wouldn’t be able to provide that time intensive service to my clients.  So, I started another business, ShutterBee by Andrea Jones.  ShutterBee focused on short, on-location sessions with digital files.  While the quality of the photography didn’t change, the amount of time I spent with each client was drastically reduced.  This worked fine for a few years while I had little ones in diapers and most days I was lucky to manage to comb my hair.  But now that my baby is three, I want to do what I do best.  So I’m saying farewell to ShutterBee and returning to Andrea Jones Photography, where, once again, I can focus on my clients and on offering the best in service and quality.

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